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HCC Group, a distinguished pigment manufacturer, produces various types of colored pigments under the brand name Hindustan Colour Company to provide all its positive customers and clients spreading across India and abroad. All our products produced and distilled through almost exclusively inorganic and organic methods are highly beneficial and cost-effective for almost all types of painting. Most of them have their long-term proven performance record and extensive compatibility. Inorganic-based pigments produced at our in-house factory are apt for all applications and stand out of the crowd for durability, quality and weather-resistance.

We do offer standard colors and tailor-made powder pigments. Our strength and specialty lie in almost all quality pigment materials.

Our cutting age pigments, top-notch quality products, reasonable price and customer centric solution have helped us to offer regular application in the following sectors:

  • Paints
  • Printing
  • Plastics
  • Rubber (Chappels)
  • Dittergents
  • Construction Industries
  • Paper Industries
  • Many other various applications

All our topnotch quality pigments have been designed to be compatible with almost all types of paintings even for fresco and encaustic. We have extensive use of our pigments in paint, plastic, color concentrate, building material, concrete, rubber, ink and specialty of applications in catalyst, paper, cosmetic and toner.

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