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Pigment Pastes

Hindustan Colour Company, a flagship company of HCC Group, has been engaged in offering superior quality pigment pastes to all over India and outside. As our quest has been to provide excellent color-expression perfect in flowing ability, we do enjoy world-wide clientele and recognition from our clients, customers and ordinary users. Our pigment pastes available in organic as well as inorganic forms offer customers sublime choice of different viscosity at their use in paints as well as textiles. Our pigment paste systems are highly functional and effective for internal pigmentation making any damage or changes to material interior structures. Apart from giving you perfect yellowing Hindustan-Colour-pigment-paste-systems are apt for offering you Violet, Red, Orange, Blue, Black, Teracota and all types of Greens, Yellows, Blues and much more colors.

We cater to tailor made color chip as per as customers needs.

Pigment Pastes for Textiles

Hindustan Colour brings you finest pigment paste perfect and apt for all kinds of fabrics and textile products. Our pigment pastes for textile printing are potent enough to meet all industry standards (textile). Our finest pigment pastes are widely used in textile industry for luxurious cloth printing.

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Image of Pigment Pastes 4% Yellow GRM-5G Image of Pigment Dispersions 4% Blue GRM-B
Image of Pigment 4% Yellow GRM -2G Image of Pigments 4% Turq.Blue GRM-G
Image of Red Oxide 4% Golden Yellow GRM-RM Image of Yellow Oxide 4% Green GRM-G
Image of Iron Oxide 4% Orange GRM-5G Image of Iron Oxide Pigment 4% Green GRM-2G
Image of Water Based Paints 4% Red GRM-GR Image of Water Based Coatings

4% Brown GRM-GR

Image of Universal Stainers 4% Bordeaux GRM-B Pigment Pastes image 4% Brown GRM-GY
Pigment Dispersions image 4% Rubine GRM-CB Pigment image 8% Black GRM-B
Pigments image 4% Violet GRM-R Red Oxide image 4% Olive Green GRM-B
Yellow Oxide image 4% Blue GRM-B Iron Oxide image 4% Pink GRM-CB

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