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Welcome to HCC Group manufacturer of Pigment Pastes, Pigment Dispersions, Red, Yellow, Iron Oxide, Water Based Paints

HCC Group has been a recognized group in India since its beginning in early sixties with its flourishing cycle and spare parts marketing business. The group is now a leading manufacturer in India for manufacturing products like Pigment Pastes, Pigment Dispersions, Red Oxide, Yellow Oxide, Iron Oxide Pigment, Water Based Paints, Water Based Coatings, and Universal Stainers. We are the first group that introduced Phthalate plasticizers and various chemical esters in India.

HCC Group is playing a critical developmental role in manufacturer, import, export and trade of various types of organic and inorganic pigments. As our quest has been to provide customer centric, target oriented and consolidated solution we have stepped forward further to set up a very modern unit of Cashew nut shell liquid resin (CNSL) manufacturing unit. We are the first group to have brought about integrated operation in early nineties to manufacture water based coatings which is hitherto a business dominated by large scale players only. We have been chemical manufacturing pioneer for more than four decades for our top notch quality product, cost-effective product service and cutting-edge solution with our state-of-the-art technological devices.

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Manufacturing Facilities
Hindustan Commercial Corporation has set up a very modern unit of Cashew nut shell liquid resin (CNSL) manufacturing unit in the early nineties.
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Cashew Nut Shell Liquid Resin(CNSLR)
CNSLR has found important commercial usage as the phenolic raw material for the manufacture of certain resins and plastics having unusual electric and frictional properties
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